Infinite Earth


In a universe closer to that of our own, A battalion of space fleets slowly makes its way through the cold of space. These giant mechanized ships, with the churning of its giant metallic gears, are inch by inch drawing closer to it’s destination. Lights can be seen on the surfaces of these colossal war machines;the hue of yellow, blue, and white shining through large, opaque glass. The light from the stars nearby highlight the fleets of metallic silver in the darkness of space. On the dorsal surface of the leading ship lies a large dome of black crystalline, and on the very top of this dome,with a dim light that shines from within the ship, one can see the silhouette of a being staring out into space.

“Access Journal X510: I cannot believe the findings at the ancient ruins on planet Anarchon…”

He stares out into the purple, yellow, and green of the stars within the black of deep space. Sweat dripping down his forehead and unto his bent brow.

“They all say the same thing. From Balthras, Mal’hanim, and now Anarchon. The Ender is coming, AND THE TRIUMVIRATE WILL NOT LISTEN-” He slams his fist into what seems to be a glass table with all sorts of moving symbols of blue light moving from within its surface. His breath was racing, but slowly, he forced himself to calm down.

“… no matter, I will take the necessary precautions, and when things happen… as they were foretold to be… No one will call me mad…”

" General Bradmir Gaul!"

From the reflection on the black glass he saw a man in full Ai’sian armor saluting him. He turned his head as he looked at his cadet.

“We are approaching Earth’s solar system…”

A devious smile slowly broke on his face.



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